Friday, May 8, 2015

The Mosquito at Dixon Place

Consider the mosquito! The little insect that wakes you from a deep sleep with a whine, draws blood and leaves you itching. So small, so brave and smashable, yet so influential to the sleeper. Inspirational!

The Mosquito is also an evening of excellent readings and stand-up hosted and curated by Nancy Giles at Dixon Place. I’ve lucked into the role of providing a song or two for the musical diversion. We’ve been doing shows monthly since last fall and we’re back on Monday night. I play songs of my own, though last week I got to rock out on Secret Agent Man, which is never a bad thing. Although The Mosquito (the show) has a metaphorical overlap with the mosquito (the insect) rest assured that no performer will draw actual blood or leave you scratching yourself. The whining and waking from a deep sleep part, let’s table that for now. 

Come see! It’s free - though we will pass the hat to defray subway rides and ukulele strings. Bar! Alcohol! 

It’s Monday 5/11 at 7:30pm
Dixon Place
161a Chrystie Street, NYC

Me heating up the purple uke. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Borgia and Davy play Catskill!

We had a great gig last night at An Beal Bocht in the Bronx, fun on a stick!

This Saturday, 11/9 we'll be playing at the Catskill Community center as part of their Saturday Stroll series.  We'll be joined by Adam Price, who will unpack his excellent musical inventions on bass. Innovation!

There will be a variety of things going on at the stroll up and down main street: wine tasting, art, an improv group and more! Come check it out!

Borgia & Davy
Part of the Catskill 2nd Saturday Stroll, 11/9
6-8 pm, Catskill community center
344 Main Street
Catskill, NY 12414
Catskill 2nd Saturday Stroll Poster

Monday, October 28, 2013


This Sunday, Alison and I get to play at An Beal Bocht, my favorite hangout in the Bronx.  We've been working on these songs upstate and it will be fun to bring them to the city.  We're singing together and I'm playing ukuleles, she's taken up the autoharp where appropriate.  Come check it out, it will be fun.

Borgia & Davy
Songs and Arias
Sunday, 11/3/2013
An Beal Bocht Cafe
445 West 238th Street
Riverdale, Bronx

Monday, October 7, 2013

Thursday happy hour gig!

I may wear this hat.

I'm playing this Thursday evening at doubles 2 in catskill.  This will be a solo set as Alison is rehearsing to be a nun in a Puccini opera in New Jersey and cannot make this one.  It looks like I'll be joined by bassist Adam Price - fun shall be had!

I'll play a bunch of my own songs, it will be a mix of old and new.  It's early and it's free!

Carmen Borgia
Songs on guitar and ukulele
Thursday, October 10
Doubles 2
188 Water Street, Catskill, NY

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In memoriam Michael Chobot

Michael Chobot

I've been nominated for an Emmy for sound design in news and documentary, and it is a bittersweet honor. I headed the sound design team that included two extremely talented sound people, Matt Gundy and Michael Chobot, with whom I share the nomination. Last week, Michael passed away after a two year struggle with leukemia. 

I met Mike at DuArt a few years ago when he booked a studio to mix a short film.   My first impression was that he was enthusiastic. I couldn't tell if he knew what he was doing, but I got a good vibe from the brief discussion we had to set up the session. A young guy, I think he was 25, he did a sound design and mix on the graveyard shift all by himself. When I left work he was setting up with the director. 

The next morning I came in to find everybody wrapping up. The director looked happy and relaxed, which you don't see every day. At the time I was looking for a mixer and I called Mike a few days later to ask if he wanted to work at DuArt mixing a cartoon series for TV. I'd only spent about twenty minutes with him total, but I just knew he would be great at it. He became a wonderful addition to what could sometimes be a stressful environment; good natured, capable, talented and able to figure anything out under pressure.

Mike was fun to be around.  He was enthusiastic and engaged about whatever project he approached. He mixed his first episode of the cartoon series and got zero notes back from the client, meaning that he nailed it the first time out. He was athletic, he ran an ultra-marathon. He composed and recorded a classical wedding theme that was choreographed to live fireworks. For his brother's wedding, I think.

Shortly after Mike was diagnosed I briefly met a couple of his family members. I was amazed by the love and support I felt from them. It felt healthy and good. In the past two years I was fortunate to speak with him from time to time as he was setting up his own studio. It's pretty unusual to have a conversation with a person with a serious illness and come away feeling positive. He had a great perspective on things, he could look at a terrible situation - like being blinded by a battery of toxic therapies - and be fascinated by the response his body was having to it. All in all, an amazing guy.

For the Emmy nominated Duckumentary, Mike edited the backgrounds and the duck vocalizations. I told him that the various sequences, which were set all over the world, had to be geographically correct. During our final FX review just before the mix, the director requested that duck calls be added to a moment where a flock takes off from the water. There was a beat, then Mike responded over the speaker phone that, based on his research, this particular breed of ducks does not call when traveling in a flock. Another beat, then the director smiled and withdrew her request. Mike was very smart and polite enough to communicate with just the right tone. 

I feel very fortunate to have known Mike and to have been able to work with him for a time. My deepest sympathies to his incredible family.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Catskill gig this Friday!

Come celebrate the late summer! Alison and I are playing at Doubles 2 in Catskill, happy hour!  Drink specials, and a groovy vibe are to be had with no pesky cover charge to encumber the audience.  We'll do a couple of sets and probably some new things.

Borgia & Davy
Songs and Arias
Friday, August 16, 6pm
Doubles 2
188 Water Street, Catskill, NY